# Theengs BLE decoder

Theengs Decoder project aims to provide an efficient, portable and lightweight library for BLE Internet of Things messages decoding.


Sensors and devices use chains of data to communicate to gateways, computers, servers. Enabling them to have lightweight and fast communication. On the other hand we have a huge diversity of communication methods, resulting in the sensors or devices being closed to one ecosystem or a few.

Theengs Decoder library translates these data chains into human readable data leveraging the well known data interchange format JSON. This format can easily be integrated into different systems or software.


It's also a simplified way of defining the thing properties and how to decode these.

Theengs Decoder supports the decoding of more than 100 Bluetooth devices (opens new window).

Theengs Decoder can be used on memory constraint environments like micro controllers (ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino), on a PC or on a Unix server. Unit testing assures that the modification done on the library doesn't affect previous capabilities.

In a few words:

  • Light
  • Portable
  • Expandable
  • Interoperable

Projects using the Theengs Decoder library


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